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Our goal is to become Canada’s global leader in the promotion and expansion of democracy and good governance through consultancy. EMS has the expertise to offer a wide variety of professional services.  Within our roster of electoral experts are consultants with extensive experience and proven skills to support every stage of the electoral cycle

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Our professional staff and consultants offer expertise in the application of practical training and management philosophies. Our highly focused and specialized instructor presentations permit EMS to offer a wide range of training services to electoral management bodies, as well as, other electoral stakeholders.

Inventory & Logistics

Late deployment and the lack of goods, materials, and services, delivered on time, to polling stations remains a constant headache and challenge for many electoral management bodies in their efforts to hold viable elections.Poor logistics and proper materials management combined with little or no advanced planning are far too often the rule and not the exception. A lack of good inventory skills usually results in a great deal of anxiety among the electorate.  In some cases, no polling materials can be the reason for polling violence and conflict.

EMS is a prominent provider of electoral management systems, goods and services and information technologies. We provide electoral stakeholders with a wide range of solutions to make electoral management, administration, human resources, and financial systems run efficiently and in an environment of transparency.

Human Resource Management

EMS provides highly experienced management services specializing in organizational effectiveness and human resources management. Our consultants have extensive senior level management experience in the private, public and municipal sectors.

EMS will effectively simplify your advanced procurement and delivery options. We will provide your commission with an effective plan that will save valuable time and money.

With advanced planning of supply, and timely delivery of electoral supplies, EMS will ensure your commission an uneventful, free flow, of electoral materials and supplies to destination and ensure faultless procedures for all polling activities.

EMS’s team of highly experienced and knowledgeable electoral experts will design and implement a comprehensive and functional schedule and timeline of procurement options. EMS will help you implement an effective procurement and delivery plan that will ensure the critical and timely delivery of polling materials, well in advance of polls - we guarantee it!

An effective plan ensures your materials will be distributed well in advance of the all-important day voters head to the polls, avoiding costly mistakes and, above all, a satisfied electorate!

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Procurement & Delivery of Election Materials

EMS is your one stop shop for every conceivable item for complete and comprehensive materials and supplies for polling and voter registration products. EMS is dedicated to providing the most appropriate and cost-effective materials, supplies and equipment to EMBs worldwide. EMS possesses the experience and knowledge to deliver small or large consignments to meet crucial deadlines or last minute deliveries.

Financial Management & Administration

EMS provides leading edge financial programs for the effective use of best accounting practices and innovative policies and procedures to help electoral management bodies — whether for national, regional or local elections — to effectively use financial strategies and develop policies that incorporate appropriate and cost-effective budgetary measures.


Electoral Management Systems
Systèmes de Gestion Electorale


Electoral Management Systems
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Observation & Monitoring

Monitoring of the electoral process throughout the election cycle is an important element that provides honesty and integrity.  It involves political parties, local and regional or international interest groups, government and non-government agencies.  Observation missions help promote open participation and increased transparency through public participation and greater accountability.


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