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Late deployment and the lack of goods, materials, and services, delivered on time, to polling stations remains a constant headache and challenge for many electoral management bodies in their efforts to hold viable elections.

Poor logistics and proper materials management combined with little or no advanced planning are far too often the rule and not the exception. A lack of good inventory skills usually results in a great deal of anxiety among the electorate.  In some cases, no polling materials can be the reason for polling violence and conflict.​

Last minute panic buying and procurement are the direct result of poor materials management, not a sustainable long-term solution. In many cases electoral management bodies find it easier to replace materials than properly manage and maintain them through quality control, appropriate storage, and good inventory processes.  Inventory management is an element of the electoral cycle that is often neglected. However, it is fast becoming one of the most important fundamentals necessary for holding free and fair elections on time.

​EMS can provide expert advice for inventory management and maintenance of electoral goods and materials needed by electoral management bodies seeking to improve their control over valuable polling materials and assets.  Whether for manual controls of small existing products or complex handling and storage of large volumes of polling day materials, EMS can provide highly qualified expertise and assistance in this important area.  We can provide electoral management bodies the assurance of long-term quality control for a most important feature in the electoral cycle and a necessary prerequisite for a successful and peaceful vote.



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Our goal is to become Canada’s global leader in the promotion and expansion of democracy and good governance through consultancy.  EMS has the expertise to offer a wide variety of professional services.  Within our roster of electoral experts are consultants with extensive experience and proven skills to support every stage of the electoral cycle.  As a member of our consultant roster, EMS will promote your skills and experience to strengthen electoral systems and deliver sustainable solutions for good governance and the promotion of democracy to electoral management bodies, electoral authorities, funding agencies, donors, and stakeholders worldwide.

What We Do

Our professional staff and consultants offer expertise in the application of practical training and management philosophies. Our highly focused and specialized instructor presentations permit EMS to offer a wide range of training services to electoral management bodies, as well as, other electoral stakeholders.

EMS provides leading edge financial programs for the effective use of best accounting practices and innovative policies and procedures to help electoral management bodies — whether for national, regional or local elections — to effectively use financial strategies and develop policies that incorporate appropriate and cost effective budgetary measures.  EMS provides support to assist in the development of programs that help electoral management bodies become better organized and thereby gain the confidence of the electorate.

EMS provides highly experienced management services specializing in organizational effectiveness and human resources management.  Our consultants have extensive senior level management experience in the private, public and municipal sectors.

Our experts provide our clients with:
* A high level of expertise based on first-hand experience and knowledge of best practices.
* Honest advice.
* Simple, practical and “doable” solutions that reflect your workplace and are not “off the shelf”.
* The expertise, tools, and training to make you self-sufficient and enhance your capacity.

* Immediate availability for advice and assistance as and when needed.

Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan, former Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana and Honorary Chairman of the Board for the Canadian Organization for Democratic Elections (CODE).

Pierre Girard, HR Consultant


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EMS and its strategic partners have proven experience in the design, delivery and evaluation of short and long-term training programs for international electoral management bodies seeking Canadian and international expertise, experience, and know-how for the development of their staff, management, executives and accredited professionals.  EMS has a wealth of training partners, electoral experts, and specialized consultants permitting us to react to the most demanding needs and enabling us to respond to national, regional and international requirements for customized and tailored training programs.

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Monitoring of the electoral process throughout the election cycle is an important element that provides honesty and integrity.  It involves political parties, local and regional or international interest groups, government and non-government agencies.  Observation missions help promote open participation and increased transparency through public participation and greater accountability.

EMS can deploy electoral monitors and observers to international multilateral observation missions worldwide, including Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America, and the Caribbean.


"Lack of supplies, materials and goods - an elementary cause of electoral frustration and upset voters." 

Observation & Monitoring

Our Services

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"Welcome to EMS International Training Services, EMS offers quality training and support programs to the electoral and governance sector in Canada, Europe and overseas."

Our human resources services include: organizational reviews and development; human resource management consulting collective bargaining negotiation; labour relations; staff training and development; council and board training and development; strategic planning; and executive search. 

We offer commissions, electoral management bodies and NGO’s a full range of complimentary services. When performing organizational reviews, for example, we can assist in implementing any required changes through staff development workshops, new compensation plans, new performance management policies and practices, strategic planning workshops, board/council workshops and recruitment of new staff.

EMS is a prominent provider of electoral management systems, services and information technologies. We provide electoral stakeholders with a wide range of solutions to make electoral management, administration, human resources, and financial systems run efficiently and in an environment of transparency.

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