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Protection from the elements, provides station operations in isolated locations having no buildings or schools Tents, tarpaulins, mobile shelter, tables, chairs, mats, blankets, sleeping bags, water bottles, coolers, tools, and out-door cooking supplies

Materials needed for handling and shipping for secure movement of materials and equipment tapes, foam inserts, protective materials, plastic wrap and wrapping equipment Used for a wide variety of uses for printed matter in all aspects of the process large mill rolls, cardboard, offset reams, custom sizes and formats, photocopy, printing paper, security paper and forms

Voter & polling station and office furniture desks, chairs, tables, shelves, filing cabinets, drawers, work stations, stacking chairs and tables, conference room furniture, alternative materials plastic and cardboard, as well as, pakflat for easy shipping technology equipment for all electoral computer and data management systems Computers, desktops laptops, printers, scanners, mobile devices, smartphones, as well as, peripherals, cartridges, and storage devices

Polling & registration kits

Furnishings & IT equipment

For central regional local stores operations and distribution moving equipment, dollies, workbenches, conveyors, carts, ladders, shelving, inventory control materials, equipment and inventory control software

EMS offers a wide variety of ballot box options. They are available in plastic, polycarbonate, canvas, cardboard, wood, metal, and acrylic. You can also choose from ecofriendly, stacked, and folding ballot box options. Many ballot boxes are available in a mix-and-match option where different sized boxes use the same lid. Our ballot boxes are strong, durable, and can be transparent or opaque.

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Voter ink

Vests, clothing and uniforms 

Station camp supplies

Used for any number of packaging needs, sometimes used to hold kit boxes .Available in a wide range of materials and formats, cardboard, corrugated plastic with separate lids or fold-down lids, waterproof, range of colours, types of plastic, shapes for nesting or pakflat for easy handling and transport

EMS can provide a wide range of high-quality cost-effective voter ink, visible, invisible, indelible in different colours blue red and green, in dipping bottle, marker pen or spray in concentrations of 5% to 25% silver nitrate. volumes of 5ml to 100 ml; or standard is 80ml of ink in a 100 ml bottle with cross cut sponge inserts, heat sealed plastic aluminum sheet. 80 ml will mark from 500 up to 800 voters, depending on the method of application and skin conditions.

Identifying polling personnel protection from adverse weather Caps, t-shirts, vest, jackets and logos. Colour coded, numbered and custom printing

 Off grid and emergency lighting after hours operations lamps, flashlights, spotlights, motion detector lighting, security & emergency lighting, special bulbs, replacement parts, batteries, candles and matches Off grid emergency power for operations and equipment Standby gen-sets fixed/portable, solar systems and arrays, wind turbines, peripheral materials and all electrical supplies, special tools, installation equipment and training materials

For your next polling or voter registration event you will need a wide range of general supplies. EMS is your one-stop, go-to supplier of choice for all your election needs. Looking for best prices, reliability, secure handling and on-time delivery? We are no further than your computer. Email for more information.

Warehousing materials

Packaging materials Paper products

Ballot boxes

Miscellaneous consumables for polling/registration home office operations and administration . for general function and operation of registration or polling station calculators, staplers, laminating devices, binding machines, shredders, recorders, projectors, tape guns, label makers, and punches

Boxes and containers

Lamps, lighting & power supplies

.The EMS Kitting Method of procuring and delivering preassembled voter registration and polling kits improves security, reduces costs, and builds the supply chain management capacity of local Election Management Body human resources. All materials are available in bulk for local assembly into kits or can be preassembled and delivered in ready to use, completed kits.  All kits are customized and made to your specifications. typically polling kits may contain but not limited to the following  signage banners pens pencils paper envelopes secure & ordinary calculators seals paper or pull tite rulers erasers tapes tools  padlocks pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, scissors, writing instruments, tapes, binders, booklets, staplers, clips, glue sticks, etc


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