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Supporting CODE Canada

Voter ink stain in standard bottle format.  Helping to support good governance in new and emerging democracies.

New President of the Romanian Permanent Electoral Authority

Nigeria postponed elections by a week for last minute delays, due in part to the task of delivering polling supplies and materials to the 120,000 polling stations throughout this vast African nation. Timely delivery of adequate polling materials for credible and transparent elections is a challenge under the best of conditions. Providing for Nigeria’s plus 80 million voters requires year-long planning. A good lesson for the future and for other countries seeking to deliver goods and services to assure free and fair elections. Electoral Management Systems has the logistics and planning expertise and experience to ensure the timely delivery of polling materials.


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We are pleased to announce that Electoral Management Systems (EMS), after finalizing a recent major supply contract, and in keeping to its commitment and mission statement, has made a donation to its sister agency, the Canadian Organization for Democratic Election (CODE Canada).

Since the creation and incorporation of EMS, the President & CEO and its founding members established in the core values of the firm, a commitment to implement a unique method of supporting emerging democracies, especially those in Africa.

EMS contributes a portion of its modest profits to its sister agency, CODE Canada, and in turn, these funds are used to support good governance, democracy, and election programs, and, where possible, directs those resources towards those agencies and local NGOs that help empower and support the role of women in the electoral process.

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Making a Mark

EMS partner CODE Canada working with a local NGO

A fresh new year is once again upon us and on behalf of the staff of Electoral Management Systems Inc / Systèmes de Gestion Électorale (EMS-SGE), I would like to wish all our partners, friends, EMBs and other stakeholders a very Happy New Year and year of happiness, health, success and peace to each and every one.

Help us fill in all those new blank pages on a new and exciting electoral calendar year by sharing your stories of successful accomplishments and outstanding achievements with us.  Together, we can make 2019 a year for positive democratic change and awareness.

At EMS we believe the new year promises new and exciting opportunities for progress and achievements.  And in a spirit of providing increased support to free and fair elections, we at EMS will be doing our part in a very big way.

From the sale of such items as high-quality voter ink stain and other goods, and/or services we provide, EMS will donate a portion of the modest profits generated from our sales to our sister agency and NGO, the Canadian Organization for Democratic Elections (CODE Canada), in support of their Good Governance, Democracy and Elections initiatives in new and emerging democracies.

A pencil is a pencil is a pencil regardless of where you get it, so why not see the benefits of valuable resources from your budgets find their way back home to support democracy initiatives. Through this unique opportunity we offer your commission a means of maximizing the value of funds in a very positive way by supporting the local initiatives and on-the-ground work of CODE Canada by purchasing your election materials and services from EMS.

It is an opportune time to assure invaluable financial resources find a way to benefit the greater good and support democracy and governance in Africa, and the rest of the world.

At EMS, we are dedicated to continued long-term sustainable support and progress through a strong commitment to building democracies worldwide. We ask and hope that you will do the same.Please contact us to learn more and find out how, together, we can make a difference and support free and fair elections and good governance.

The Perfect Ballot Box

Nigeria Postpones Elections

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One-third of Visits for Dead Elector Removal Exercise Complete

Electoral Management Systems, your go-to suppler of choice for all your polling materials and supplies currently have a limited number of our “Perfect Ballot Box” for sale. Due to an overproduction of units on a previous contract we have close to 5,000 units. They are available for immediate shipment to any destination. We will consider purchases of a portion or all the units. Prices are discounted; however, they will be conditional to the number of units purchased. For inquiries about sales, handling and delivery contact sales@ems-sge.com

The “Perfect Ballot Box” is a collapsible, easy to store, easy to reassemble and, if properly handled, this fully transparent box will last indefinitely.

Please be informed that on 27th of February 2019 Mr. Constantin-Florin Mitulețu-Buică was appointed President of the Permanent Electoral Authority by the Romanian Parliament.

Previously Mr. Constantin-Florin Mitulețu-Buică was serving as Secretary-General of the Permanent Electoral Authority and also as Vice-president between 2015-2018.

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The exercise to identify, confirm and remove the names of electors who have died from the Voters’ List is progressing as scheduled with more than 31,000 electors reported as dead so far. The Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ)…

Mr. Constantin-Florin Mitulețu-Buică has an extensive experience in the legislative field, acquired during his activity within the Romanian Parliament as well as a large expertise in the election domain.

Mr. Mituletu-Buica has a Bachelor degree in Law, a Master degree in Political Management and a Ph.D. in Intelligence and National Security.