Electoral Management Systems
Systèmes de Gestion Electorale

Election Materials

EMS can supply all of your election requirements, from standard off the shelf items to customized products:

Handling and Warehousing

Assembly & Bulk Supplies


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More and more Kits and packaging of election related materials and supplies can be carried out on a local basis. Many commissions and EMBs have well established procurement and handling experience. The purchase and delivery of bulk materials to a local warehouse for assembly of customized and made-to-order kits for nationwide distribution is a very appropriate and cost-effective method of saving funds and developing local capacity. For more information, contact sales@ems-sge.com

Ballot boxes
Voting booths and screens
Boxes and containers
Indelible, visible, and invisible voter ink
IT equipment
Lamps and lighting supplies
Office equipment, supplies, and furnishings
Paper products
Power supply
Printing of ballots and forms
Seals, padlocks, secure envelopes
Signage and banners
Stamps and pads
Station camp supplies
Training materials
Vehicles and spare parts
Vests, clothing and uniforms
Warehousing and packaging materials

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​For more information, contact sales@ems-sge.com

EMS provides virtually all necessary materials, and supplies for the secure and timely delivery of free and fare democratic elections worldwide. We can assist your organization with the selection of the best materials from a large pool of vendors and manufactures alike. We can help with advanced planning of your material needs to assure crucial timelines are met, and if necessary, provide urgent, last-minute orders. We can procure for the smallest orders or deliver large volume shipments. We provide all necessary handling and shipping documents. Thanks to our industry knowledge and project experience, we will help reduce costs at all levels of procurement and save valuable financial resources. For more information, contact sales@ems-sge.com

Kitting Advantages:

Ease of materials training.
Ease of storage and shipping to stations.
Improves packaging for cost-effective shipping by air, sea or overland.
Facilitates supervision of in-country distribution.

Quality packaging assures protection from damage during handling and poor weather conditions​.
For the most appropriate and cost-effective method of providing country wide distribution of election and registration materials the kitting method is by far your best option for secure and safe deliver.

For more information, contact sales@ems-sge.com​

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Transportation and Logistics

Polling and Registration Materials

EMS provides consolidation services for all your election supplies from a range of manufacturers and bulk suppliers, and assemble goods to your detailed and precise specifications. We provide all aspects of product handling, such as quality control, inspections, palettization and secure wrapping of goods for containers, trailers or aircraft. EMS can organize warehousing facilities, both at consolidation sites, and worldwide warehousing facilities, using best practices and qualified personnel. For more information, contact sales@ems-sge.com


Electoral Management Systems
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The Kitting method of procuring and delivering voter registration and polling station materials improves security and reduces costs. The Kitting method improves all aspects of materials handling of regular and secure goods. Central assembly of kits containing comprehensive ready to use materials insures quality control for all aspects of proper packaging, handling, inventory control and distribution.

Kits and the Kitting Method

EMS will ensure the most efficient, fastest, most secure transport by sea, air or ground with the lowest shipping costs available. We take personal care and pay close attention to the movement of all goods, regardless of the shipping method, to assure on-time delivery to even the most demanding destinations. For more information, contact sales@ems-sge.com

EMS is committed to providing a wide range of comprehensive and appropriate materials and equipment at the best possible prices. EMS's procurement and delivery services can provide electoral management bodies, commissions, and electoral authorities with the most appropriate materials required to implement successful free and fair elections. EMSwill ensure your consignment is delivered in a timely fashion regardless of  difficult or demanding conditions. Our team of logistic, purchasing, procurement, and shipping experts have over 100 years of experience supplying and delivering election materials. For your next procurement project, contact EMS for the secure, reliable, and timely delivery of your election materials.