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EMS is a global electoral management consulting firm that works with Electoral Management Bodies, to bring worldwide talent to the forefront of the global electoral cycle.

We are presently building a comprehensive human resource database of electoral management experts that is among the finest in the world, enabling our clients to match themselves against the best performers in the sector.

We promote and market our consultants to thousands of governance and democratization agencies, NGOs, private firms and organizations, as well as, individuals seeking their expertise. For professional stakeholders, the EMS Electoral Experts Consultant Database simplifies the process of matching electoral experts with project specific needs and requirement.

We are currently looking for electoral and governance experts to register with EMS and join our growing network of highly skilled technical assistance for national, regional, and international projects. As an electoral expert consultant in our database, you will receive the greatest exposure to the latest opportunities relevant to your experience and skills.

For consultants already registered in our database, we request that you regularly update your profiles.  Please ensure you provide us with an up-to-date CV/Resume to increase your chances of being shortlisted for a project in your specific area of expertise.

The EMS Electoral Experts Consultant Database is widely consulted by electoral management bodies, federal, state, local and municipal governments, NGOs, sector stakeholders, governance researchers, students, and many other organizations around the world.

At present we are seeking highly skilled experts with a particular interest and expertise in the Supply Chain Management of electoral materials, including: handling, shipping, inventory control, fleet management, and distribution.

​We would like to invite consultants to join the EMS roster of global electoral experts!  If you are interested in joining our growing roster of experts, please send your CV to

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Electoral Management Systems
Systèmes de Gestion Electorale

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