‘We are really excited about the launch of our new election materials initiative.  It is a natural progression to our present business of electoral support services. A portion of our profits, generated from the sale and delivery of election supplies, will be donated to our sister agency and NGO, the Canadian Organization for Democratic Elections in support of its international governance, democracy and election programs.”

Message from the President and CEO

Mrs. Korotoum Sinclair

Our Vision

The vision of EMS is to create close ongoing relationships with electoral management bodies and stakeholders throughout the electoral cycle. EMS builds professional capacity in organizations that results in sustainable and professional elections and good governance practices that engage the whole of society.  EMS assures donors and contributors to international electoral and governance programs that they have a viable portal though which to guarantee the delivery of high quality sustainable projects.

Our Goal

Our goal is to become Canada’s global leader in the promotion and expansion of democracy and good governance worldwide.  Through procurement, logistics, consultancy, advisory and technical cooperation with electoral management bodies and electoral stakeholders, EMS enhances local capacity to ensure free and fair elections.

Who We Are

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Electoral Management Systems
Systèmes de Gestion Electorale

EMS supports the basic principles of human rights of citizens to join in and openly participate in free and fair elections. Our strength comes from our membership, associates, and extensive network of contacts whose knowledge, experience, and comprehensive understanding of electoral systems enables us to improve, empower and enhance the capacity of international electoral management bodies.

EMS provides a wide range of materials, services, and program activities promoting change and reform in the electoral sector to improve the quality and credibility of elections and to make positive contributions to the governance of a country for all, voters and citizens alike.

“Congratulations on your company’s initiative, we wish you all the best in what seems to be a wide open marketplace in Canada!  The Electoral Experts Database is an excellent idea”​​​


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Electoral Management Systems
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Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, former Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana and Honorary Chairman of the Board for the Canadian Organization for Democratic Elections (CODE).

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide consulting services and election materials for new and emerging democracies.  With global electoral expertise, EMS strengthens electoral systems and builds local capacity to deliver professional and sustainable solutions for good governance and the promotion of democracy.  Our technical assistance to electoral management bodies and civil societies supports and enhances all stages of the electoral cycle. 

Our end-to-end platform covers the full election cycle from pre-election to election day to post-election activities. The benefits of a full solution ensure complete materials needs, election management functionality, corporate management and support, improved data integration and information security and greater transparency.

Our consultants roster represents a high level of international knowledge and experience working with governments, electoral management bodies, political parties, democratic stakeholders institutions, private sector stakeholders, NGO donors and electoral agencies.

EMS is an organization with an extensive network of electoral contacts, decision makers, electoral authorities, consultants and electoral experts that permits EMS to design and execute innovative solutions to the challenges facing electoral management bodies and election stakeholders.