“The EMS Electoral Experts Database is a customized tool capable of matching electoral consultants and experts with clients. 

Clayton Forrest, EMS IT specialist and Director of Administration and Operations.   ​

​The EMS consultants database is a highly sophisticated tool for those experts who are self-employed and looking for new opportunities in the sector of good governance, democratization and elections. The EMS Database track electoral consultants and communications enabling the EMS team to view their status and deal with from any location.


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Mrs. Korotoum Sinclair President and CEO

EMS Electoral Experts Database

“Korotoum Sinclair

Congratulations on your company’s initiative, we wish you all the best in what seems to be a wide open marketplace here in Canada!  The Electoral Experts Database is an excellent idea.

"Welcome to the EMS web site, I hope to offer you a pleasant tour of just who and what we are. This is not a site for us but rather for you, the visitor. I hope it is a place on the web our friends and visitors alike will enjoy regularly and opt to return again and again. I hope we can provide you with an enjoyable experience the pertinent information you seek as well as something worthwhile to read and see.

​The EMS cloud based data system can make notes, meetings, share emails or share tasks related to any contract.​ For implementing contractors the EMS locator is a refined feedback form-based tool that matches consultants to your project.

The EMS database tracks electoral experts and communications, allowing our team to view the status of any deal or relationship from any location. With our cloud based system, we can make notes on a meeting, share important emails, or share tasks related to any contact.

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Electoral Management Systems EMS is a private Canadian based firm established in 2014. The EMS home office is located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. EMS was established to provide support for improved governance practices and to promote long-term sustainable good governance ensuring that stakeholders focus on strategies for leadership and best management and policy practices.

EMS was created to promote effective good governance through improved communications between policy stakeholders, governments, parliaments, political parties and Electoral Management Bodies worldwide.

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EMS will strive to promote democracy through support and cooperation for electoral law, electoral processes and electoral institutions.

SGE-EMS Electoral Experts Database grows with the registration of hundreds of specialists from the sector



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