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Congratulations on your company’s initiative, we wish you all the best in what seems to be a wide open marketplace here in Canada!  The Electoral Experts Database is an excellent idea

Our mission

Our mission is to provide support for emerging democracies and through the participation of its citizens in free, credible and sustainable elections establish legitimate governments. With global electoral expertise, EMS-SGE strengthens electoral systems and builds local capacity to deliver professional and sustainable solutions for good governance and the promotion of democracy through technical assistance to EMBs and support and capacity building for all election stakeholders.  EMS-SGE promote the engagement and empowerment of women to connect with the electoral process so they may enjoy a greater role in the political landscape as voters and candidates.


Electoral Management Systems
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Mrs. Korotoum Sinclair President and CEO

​Our goal

Our goal is to become Canada’s global leader in the promotion and expansion of democracy and good governance through consultancy, advisory and technical cooperation with Electoral Management Bodies(EMBs), electoral commissions and election stakeholders worldwide.  EMS-SGE promotes democratic stability through technical assistance to elections and good governance programs that support the political process throughout the electoral cycle.

​OUR vision

The vision of EMS-SGE is to create close ongoing relationships with EMBs and stakeholders throughout the electoral cycle to build professional capacity in these organisations that results in sustainable and professional elections that engage the whole of society.  EMS-SGE assures donors and contributors to international electoral and governance programs that they have a viable portal though which to guarantee the delivery of quality and sustainable projects.  With the emergence of good governance and political stability, governments can achieve economic and social development.

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Electoral Management Systems EMS is an international development company established to bring together a pool of technical skills and expertise to support the development of good governance through improved training and communications between policy stakeholders, governments, parliaments, political parties and Electoral Management Bodies.

Established in 2014, the EMS home office is located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada with offices and consultant throughout the world. EMS can support improved governance practices and  promote long-term sustainable good governance programs ensuring that stakeholders focus on strategies and outcomes for leadership and best management and policy practices.  EMS provides programmatic interventions and systems development that will support credible and peaceful parliaments, political parties and electoral practices.

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EMS will strive to promote democracy through support and cooperation for electoral law, electoral processes and electoral institutions.

EMS-SGE Electoral Experts Database grows with the registration of hundreds of specialists from the sector



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